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You can now use Yoti to prove your age in a growing number of locations in Jersey including Co-op, The Weekender festival, Reasons and many more places.

Simply add your ID document to the Yoti app to verify your date of birth and leave your ID safe at home. Your ID is then encrypted into unreadable code that can only be unlocked by you, so only you hold the key to your personal data.

Let us know where else you would like to see Yoti accepted by nominating the places you visit below.

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Retailer? Please contact us for your free Yoti Age Check pack.

The Yoti Age Check service is free for all retail stores to use.

Accepted in 75+ locations in Jersey 

Check out where Yoti is currently accepted below. We are adding more retailers every day and if you are interested in getting your local store to use it, let us know.