Yoti Age Check is the secure way to verify your customers buying age-restricted goods (excluding alcohol).

Get printed age check cards with scannable QR codes to keep at the counter. Customers buying age-restricted goods can add their ID to the free Yoti app and scan the QR code to prove their age.

Every Yoti created is verified with a government-approved ID document and matched with an individual's unique facial features, so you can be certain there are no fakes or forgeries.

Tackling fake IDs with digital age checks

How it works

Check A

Check B

Check C

Check the customer is the same person in the photo.

Check the date and time displayed are correct.

Check the symbol on the phone matches the symbol on the back of the selected Age Check card.

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Get your first Age Check pack free. Additional packs will cost £10+PP.

Anti-spoofing measures

Free verified age checks

ACS Assured Advice guidance for age-restricted products (excluding alcohol).

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ACS Assured Advice

Compliant with BSI PAS 1296 - Online Age Checking: Provision and Use of Online Age Check Services.

Yoti Age Check is now accepted at 12,000+ convenience stores

Location Coverage

Due to current legislation you cannot use your phone to prove your age to purchase age-restricted items in Scotland.